More than a thousand people, arriving by bicycles, limousine and trolley, toured homes Friday on the Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk.

Jessica Guerin and a dozen friends rent a limousine to take them to the seven houses on the tour that benefits the Hinsdale Historical Society. They start with a brunch that Guerin prepares at her Hinsdale home.

Guerin is pregnant with twins and she still organized the outing and hosted the brunch, her friends said appreciatively.

“It’s my favorite day of the year,” said Monica Sodikoff.

Mina Dillard-Gits, Janet Frasca and Kelly Sierra also make the walk a tradition. But they ride their bikes to each house.

That way, if they see a line as they approach one house, they pedal off to another, they said.

Of the three houses they had seen, they liked a colonial house on Ninth Street, built in 1962, the best.

“It had the most personality,” said Dillard-Gits of Clarendon Hills. “The person who lives there put her own style into it. It’s eclectic and a perfect marriage of the old and the new.”

“It’s old school Hinsdale,” Frasca said.

Unlike the open floor plan that is now popular, the house had separate rooms for the living room, kitchen, family room and a paneled den used as a billiards room.

“I like the compartmental design, the way old houses were,” said Dillard-Gits, who grew up in Hinsdale. “There’s a little nook where you could sit and read a book.”

The women also appreciated the Scandinavian touches, including a white ceramic tile fireplace in a house on Bodin Street.

The fireplace or stove, known in Sweden as a kakelugn, was freestanding, so it could be installed in a smaller space, Frasca said.

The walk showcased most of the first floors and some backyards of the houses, while also offering freshly prepared appetizers and beverages from local chefs and restaurants.

Frasca, Dillard-Gits and Sierra gave high marks to the smoked salmon, little tacos, bloody marys and raspberry-infused vodka.

More than 1,100 advance tickets for the kitchen walk were sold, said Emily Van Houtte, a member of the Hinsdale Cooks! Committee. With sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60s Friday, she estimates at least 100 more tickets were sold that day.

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