In its 14th year, the Hinsdale South High School staff variety show featured some new performers and some perennial favorites.

Chemistry teacher Dave Fetty was in the latter category, having performed his camp songs every year. He teaches the audience a song he learned as a Boy Scout leader, including the movements, and then he and the crowd do it together.

“The first time I was a little apprehensive,” Fetty said. “I thought I don’t know how this is going to go, and it worked.”

Fetty said he worked at a Scout camp for 30 summers.

“I could do this every night for a year and I wouldn’t run out of songs,” he said.

Fetty sometimes has used the songs to liven up his chemistry classes when they were dragging.

“This year I didn’t do it once,” Fetty said. “They could use it, but time is tight.”

Elijah Banks, a junior from Clarendon Hills, said Fetty was one of the teachers he came to see, because the AP chemistry teacher is retiring and this was his last show.

Banks also was eager to see South’s band director Patrick Maag play the saxophone, because Banks, too, plays the saxophone in the wind symphony.

He expected his teacher to be good.

Johann Tabbilos, a junior from Darien, did not know what to expect from her math teacher Colleen Nodelman.

“She has been advertising it for weeks,” Tabbilos said.

Nodelman told her students she would be dancing, but refused to give them a preview, Tabbilos said.

Turns out her act was a Fortnite dance-off with special education teacher Hope Spangler that had the audience cheering.

Counselor Rob Morgan, who has worked 26 years in Hinsdale High School District 86, decided to practice what he preaches and made his debut singing and playing two songs on the guitar.

“This is the first time I’ve ever performed in front of a live audience,” Morgan told the crowd.

“I always tell my students to try something new, a new club or a new sport. Well, I’m definitely stepping way out of my comfort zone,” Morgan said.

He donned a paper crown to represent King George III as he sang “You’ll be Back” from “Hamilton.”

For his second number, Morgan, a John Denver fan, sang, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Amy Piccoli, a Spanish teacher at Hinsdale South, said she wanted to help with the show, but not on stage. So she handed out programs and served as an usher.

“I have a little stage fright,” Piccoli said.

The $5 admission is used to fund the Hinsdale High School Teacher Association’s scholarships for graduating seniors, said Jim Kelly, who co-hosted the show with fellow English teacher Mallory Bauer.

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