Your Home

The place you call "your home" is very special. It's more than just a house - it's a place of rest and security, where time is shared with loved ones and friends, where you find a sense of peace and refuge.

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Your home holds many cherished memories - perhaps of family gatherings, raising children, time together with your husband or wife, get-togethers with friends, Holiday dinners, happy times and difficult periods. Things like the kitchen table, fireplace, family room, yard, and shade trees have special meaning, as do cooking meals, eating together, watching TV, and having a quiet dinner or eating pizza. This is a place where you've dreamed your dreams, reflected on the past and planned for your future.

In your mind there's a permanent photo album of those things that have taken place here, making this home part of your life. It's important that the person who advises you on selling your home or buying a new one understands your feelings and needs.


  • Linda Feinstein is incredible. She went 'above and beyond' to get a buyer and close the deal." - John & Cindy